Nations Enlightenment Communities

Nations Enlightenment Communities (NEC)


A institution or communities to will bother about change/repair a that nation will aim in Enlightenment, Progress and Professionalisme a later will bring the point of view to surface cauldron. This institution is said young age stand it, around 6 months precisely on 20 Januaries 2008 places at road (Stasiun KP. Lalang Medan). Idea formed this communities/institution is at founds by several one who where do they activist, scholar, unemployment and worker. This idea is made based on alive fact and life, via indication several one who see nations problem fluctuation in this time a still not finished. So indication result here's we try to build, establish vehicle by reached he is a life order according to, in line with human of course, nature and the creator. nec very qualified in choose builders and the board. because they are that stay in management very hold firmly morality values. very has reason stand it this institution. Because at time or at moment will like this almost difficult we shall find figure a sensitive a human feeling and care to about portions and proportion.


Five Point NEC to the Fore:

1. Contemplative Value Relaxation in Point of View Eschatologys

2. Build Objective a Nation Moral With Vision of

3. Potentiality Human Resource and Nature

4. Equate Education Values

5. Society Economics Levels


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